2020 Potentials

2020 Extended Astrological & Spiritual Insights

I have not posted an “Extended Forecast” since the BEginning of 2018. The process of “channeling information” from a Higher Source, deciphering the “language of the stars,” aka, Astrology, and then gently, lovingly and oftentimes, painstakingly, putting together the pieces of the cosmic puzzle can at Times BE an arduous experience. And We, as Visionaries, are BEing so, not to instill fear in as much as we endeavor to offer the Inspiration for “We, The People” to Know our innate “God Power / Particle,” always from a place of Love, and to apply that awareness, so that nothing, no-thing in the outside world has any power over us. As I have stated on numerous occasions, We must Know and demonstrate this imbued God-power from a place of Love and Humility and NOT E.G.O. (Edge God Out), greed, arrogance or entitlement. We must never BEcome unlawful. Always, with Love, offer compensation for all that you might need and desire. Trust in Spirit, that all which you require to enJOY perfect health, abundant wealth and all the creature comforts you Desire and request, shall be provided, to and for you, from the Source which Evolutionarily Created ALL things. There is no accident or coincidence that on all the currency in the United States is inscribed the phrase, “In God We Trust.” Since the dawn of Time, all who have come to experience this Earthly encounter have been Inspired (IN-Spirit) to Trust in a “higher power,” whatever that may BE for you personally.

As I observe it to BE so, We are undeniably rapidly progressing through these most unprecedented times of Revelations, The Apocalypse and The Great Awakening. And, this extraordinary year of 2020 is coming together as yet another poignant period of the Creative Evolution of the All of Humanity, specifically here in the United States!

I always strive to INSpire everyone to recognize that when We “look ahead” and offer “predictions” as to what may unfold during a period of time, We, as Prophets and Visionaries, observe the possibilities, probabilities and potentialities of what may come to form and that nothing, NO-THING, is written in stone and absolute to happen. We Create, and often, MISCreate, all that unfolds during this Human encounter, either personally or collectively. When an event comes to form in the outside world, the experience is a culminated result of all which has been dwelling in the collective consciousness of Humanity. No event is a “random” occurrence, and when We ALLOW ourselves to recognize our Creative potential and BEcome accountable and responsible for all which “We, The People” energetically, through intention, set in motion, We can BEgin to realize how We may, with great possibility, change the outcome of any experience! We may not always completely alter the consequence of an occurrence, and if We observe a potentially negative experience, We may certainly reduce the intensity of the event.

I have illustrated in past forecasts that in 2014 and into 2015, during a prominent Pluto transit to the United States Astrological Chart, the “Power” BEgan to “return” to “We, The People.” The process of “re-establishing” the Constitution and the solidification of a “Government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE, which shall not perish,” began to come to form. As a result, the forces which have enslaved and suppressed We, The People for millennia began to increase their diabolical and tyrannical maneuverings to maintain their control, enslavement and supremacy by instilling as much fear as possible. We, are now at the 11th hour, and We must not allow ourselves to BE derailed, as was the experience after September 11, 2001, when “We” completely “gave away” our personal power in the name of “National Security.” This time, We must not embark upon the same error in the name of “Public Health.”

Over the years, I have shared my insights as to who may be the “real enemy,” and I have Inspired “We” to recognize what is the most effective tactic of the One who is the actual adversary of “We The People.” And, the most EFFECTIVE scheme of the REAL ENEMY is to shine the spotlight on SOMEONE ELSE and direct the attention of the People away from itself so that it may continue working in the shadows and distracting and derailing the People from knowing its true identity. By BEing so, it continues inflicting its power and suppression through its “sleight of hand machinations.” These are the “Shadow Forces.” Some refer to them as The Deep State, Shadow Government, Cabal, all of which “hide in plain sight” and manipulate the thoughts of “We” by instilling fear, such as We have recently observed in the “Corona Virus” experience.

The aforesaid forces know exactly how the process of Creative Evolution, the ability for manifestation and the “Laws of Nature,” fully and completely function. These sinister entities recognize that they CANNOT interFEAR with the FREE WILL of Humanity. So, they plant a minuscule seed of fear, like the current “virus” situation, by means of MIS-Information through the DIABOLICAL MEDIA, and then observe how WE, THE PEOPLE bring to form all that We may fear by directing all of our attention to that which We dread that may or may not happen. This is not to say We are to be careless and not properly care for our well-being. And, as

Archangel Michael has said for millennia; “Spirit will Guide you, the Earth shall sustain you,” ONLY, when We properly facilitate the process. One of the greatest Blessings of these times of Revelations and The Apocalypse is the Awakening to the Knowing that “We” are the “Master of our Destiny” and “We” are Creating and, with Higher Awareness, shall no longer MISCREATE, all which comes to form, personally and GLOBALLY. And always, the CHOICE IS FOREVER ours as to where We shall direct our attention and what WE shall Create or MISCreate. Once We are fully aware of the malevolent schemes of The Underworld, we are Inspired to NO LONGER concede to BEing a part of these plots and We will unequivocally declare our freedom!

For anyone choosing to receive an alternative, Higher Understanding as to one of the sinister forces at hand in our world, who operates in the shadows in plain sight, I Lovingly suggest reading the profoundly progressive material “Dispelling Wetiko” by Paul Levy.

Eclipse Season / Cycles of 2020

In the months leading to the Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020 and the Lunar Eclipse that will coincide with the “Birthday” of the United States on July 4, 2020, “We The People” must not “drop our guard,” especially regarding our “Spiritual protection!” We, The People must NOT again allow an occurrence in the outer world to derail us from welcoming a benevolent “sovereignty structure” for We, The People, as it did on September 11, 2001. As I have shared, an example of what shall potentially come to form is the NESARA experience, or something as benevolent, or even greater. We, as Prophets, BElieve this is the altruistic Blessing which was to be ushered in during the late 1990’s and specifically was to be announced on September 11, 2001! And so The Shadow Forces at that time made certain this Blessing would not come to pass. And, the tides now are certainly turning in favor of “We The People.”

The Eclipse cycles of 2020 are similar to those of 2001. And, this is not to infer that “We” shall have similar experiences to those of 2001, especially as was exhibited on September 11, 2001. And, We must not be DERAILED by the machinations of The Underworld from welcoming the Blessings at hand, as is currently happening with the “Corona Virus” event, which contains the same evil intentions by the Underworld as did “9/11.” We are close to embarking upon a “Golden Age,” and this may be fully completed during the year 2024 after our “Great Transformer,” Pluto, has completed one full cycle and returns to the position it was at the time of the “birth” of the United States on July 4, 1776!

The protuberant, unprecedented Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020 is located at what is referred to as “the World Point,” which is 00 degrees and located in a “Cardinal sign” which is the Sign of the Tropical Zodiac that begins a season such as Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The June 21 Eclipse is at 00 degrees of Cancer. The June 21, 2001 Solar Eclipse was also located at 00 degrees of Cancer, and We, The People know all too well what occurred a few months later. Whenever the “World point” is activated in an Eclipse, experiences occur which often times result in the unfurling of unprecedented events which have a global, “world,” impact. And, as I have often expressed, the energy of an Eclipse in and of itself is neither negative or positive and the Eclipse event will bring to form all energy which has been “set in motion,” through intention and action, up to the Eclipse occurrence.

We, The People are VERY CLOSE to this PROMINENT turning point on our Journey of Evolutionary, Creative Divinity. The June 21, 2020 Solar Eclipse is that mark. Since this is a moment of a significant, new beginning, commence now with clearing yourself of all that is unwanted such as discordant energy, negative, low-vibrational thoughts, emotions and observations, and ALL that does not serve a greater, higher purpose for you and Begin ANEW on June 21, 2020. And, remember, all which we set in motion through our intentions and actions shall DEFINE ALL that is unfurling next in our world! All which is in place at the time of a Solar Eclipse shall remain in motion for an extended period of time. That is one of the many reasons we are offered the opportunity to clear away what we are choosing to not have remain with us for the long-haul before the Solar Eclipse energies have been cast.

Saturn and Pluto

During most of 2019, Saturn and Pluto danced with one another in a “conjunction alignment,” transiting the sign of Government, large corporate conglomerates, politicians and religious organizations, Capricorn. When 2 elements come together at what is referred to as a “conjunction,” as at the time of a New Moon when the Sun and Moon amalgamate, We begin a new cycle of experience. And, when the 2 elements advance in the cycle of experience and form an opposition, as does the Sun and Moon at a Full Moon, what has begun and energetically set in motion at the time of the unification now culminates and comes to form.

The “outer planets” and those not visible to the naked eye, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are what We Astrologically refer to as the “generational” planets. Because their travel is so very slow, the influences during a specific time cycle of the Creative Evolution of Humanity are connected with and represent a grand facet of the generation who are born into those times and the “Destiny of the masses.”

In order for a new cycle of experience to be enJOYed, and for the new cycle to begin at its greatest potential, there is an auspicious opportunity to properly, energetically prepare the path before the energies connected with the phase solidify themselves. We are always provided with the opportunity to adequately, Spiritually make the most of the potentialities and prepare for what may follow. On a monthly basis, the time of the “Balsamic Moon,” about 3 days before the New Moon, We have a “dark moon” phase where the process of clearing, purging and cleansing allows us to prepare for the next lunar cycle. Similar opportunities are provided for any experience where We may begin anew. In the 3 months leading to a Solar Eclipse, or prominent New Moon experience, is such a time of energetic preparation.

The coming together of Saturn and Pluto has propelled the experience of clearing out the sludge which has existed in the realm of Government, more exactly “The Shadow Government,” and in the crevasses of the United States, since the time of Abraham Lincoln. This experience is also exposing the corruption which has been in operation in the large conglomerate corporations and banks, as well as in the realm of The Shadow Government, which the aforesaid is very much a cog in its machine. This alignment is also dissolving entities such as the federal reserve and the stock market, which only keep “We The People” in a compromised state of financial well-being and is another “fear based” tactic to keep “We” under the control, suppression and enslavement of another.

The 2020 Jupiter / Pluto CONJUNCTION

The slowest moving of the outer elements, Pluto, is also the furthest from our Earth and contains the prospective to bring to form some of our greatest blessings. This one propositions the opportunities to remember that We are Beings of Creative Divinity and We have the “power to Create” because We are facets of that Source which Evolutionarily Created All things. Only when We ALLOW ourselves to “surrender” to Pluto’s vast power and great potential are We awakened to this innate potential of our Creative BEing, which exists in all people. Pluto shall dramatically transform wherever it travels, and I have always equated the astounding change of a Pluto experience to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

The coming together of Jupiter and Pluto offer a cycle of experience in which all that “We” have been led, more accurately MIS-led, to believe as BEing true, specifically in the arenas of “conventional” religion, history, science, as well as the diabolical conventional media, is continuing to be irrefutably dissolved and all deception which has befallen We, The People, is continually BEing revealed during these Times of Revelations and The Apocalypse. This process of dissolving outmoded doctrines has BEgun during the last Jupiter / Pluto conjunction in 2007 when they conjoined at the critical degree of 28 in the sign of belief and belief systems, as well as the Higher Mind, abstract thinking and philosophy, Sagittarius. Now, the final liquidation of the obsolete dogma is underway and the collective of Humanity is on the cusp of integrating the complete experience of the Joy and Knowing of Oneness.

As Jupiter and Pluto continue to come together in this year of “clear vision,” 20/20, We Begin an evolutionary thought process which allows us–if We properly birth the progression and allow Spirit to BE its BEing–to see “beyond the veil” and to observe the bigger picture and see the COMPLETE puzzle of the “All That Is” with great certainty and conviction. This experience allows The Mind–which exists in all cells of the physical form–to “awaken” to the understanding of the realities beyond this physical form, and to observe how those alternative understandings are very much a part of this Human encounter. Undeniably, during these most extraordinary of Times, We, The People are BEing shown all things with great clarity, and We must continue to CHOOSE to receive the lucidity as We swiftly move through the coming months.

This cycle of experience offers penetrating insight into the motives and actions of The Underworld. Jupiter is the One who brings justice and Pluto represents “The Underworld.” In this extraordinary year, “We” shall observe justice being served to The Underworld / Dark Forces / Cabal, etc. Individually, We must continue to facilitate the process of receiving Inspiration from The Higher realms of consciousness, by allowing ourselves to not be in fear of what is BEing shown. Spirit cannot interFEAR with the free will of an individual nor the free will of the collective. It is when the “collective” of We, The People are at a place of readiness and receptivity to the Higher Knowing that the Spirit is free to share its Knowing with all those who are choosing to receive.

Once We have allowed ourselves to “see all things with great clarity” We, The People, must now CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE and emphatically DECLARE to no longer BE the victim! “We” must no longer concede to the suppression of the aforesaid forces, and We must boldly affirm with conviction our intentions to no longer be oppressed and controlled by the Shadow Forces who do not have the best interest of the highest good at the seat of their intentions and only desire their personal gain.

Saturn into Aquarius

In this extraordinary year of 2020, Saturn began its passage through the sign Aquarius, which represents “The New Age,” Humanitarianism and Brotherhood, on March 21, 2020. It shall dip back into Capricorn on July 1, 2020 and shall fully immerse itself into Aquarius on December 17, 2020 and will fully remain in this sign until March 7, 2023.

A “Saturn cycle” is approximately a 28- 29-years cycle of sustained growth, individually and collectively. Not until one completes their first “Saturn return,” which is near the age of 28 or 29, does one become an “adult.” This is the time when Saturn has completed one full revolution of the astrological chart, its “trials and tribulations” have been completed and We have arrived at a place of fully understanding the potential of our BEing and We Begin our next major cycle of experience which completes itself at about age 56.

This passage of Saturn into the element which represents “We Are One,” is solidifying this “awakening,” which is also an Aquarian element, into the collective consciousness. It’s also of no “accident” that the restriction (Saturn) of “social (Aquarius) distancing” was implemented almost exactly at the time of Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius. This time of imposed exile is a profound opportunity for We, The People, to “be still and go within,” so that We might move fully forward, with clarity and conviction and the complete Knowing of our individual BEing, at the time of the June 21, 2020 Solar Eclipse.

“The One’s whom I have Christened as “The Children of Neptune,”–those who were born in the years 1989 through 1993–have begun to experience their first “Saturn Return,” and shall profoundly come into their own unique, individual standing during these most Magnificent of Times. These are the Ones, whose abundant challenges began with the “Ritalin experience” in 1995, who are to properly shepherd “The Age Of Aquarius.” They are imbued with the same prolific potential of Genius Creativity that was demonstrated during the Times of the Renaissance. And, their ability to properly employ and demonstrate the amalgamation of “Spirituality and Science” is their most overwhelming capability.

In the coming Times, coinciding with their first Saturn Return, especially the Ones with Saturn in Aquarius and those who have been PROPERLY nurtured (free of the venomous contaminants that began with Ritalin, which was designed to DERAIL them from recognizing and manifesting their greatest potential to bring about overwhelming, boundless change, so they may “unfold naturally”), The Children of Neptune shall unfurl some of their greatest, most profound capabilities. I am Honoured to be a part of the Generation–those of us born in the 1960s with our own unique, planetary Design–which has ushered in their sovereignty.

Saturn Conjunct United States Pluto

In 2020, Saturn forms a conjunction, New Moon alignment to Pluto in the Astrological Chart of the United States. In the United States chart, Pluto is connected to the 12th house sector, this is the region of the Astrological Chart which represents the “hidden and secret enemies.” Saturn, BEing the “Great Lord of Karma,” shall return the karmic energy to wherever it passes. This experience is not one of “punishment,” in as much as it is a “balance of power” where egregious inequity has been set in motion.

As Saturn connects with the One who most represents “The Underworld, Secret Forces, Shadow Government,” all negative karma which ominous forces have cast in motion, most likely since the time of Abraham Lincoln, is unabashedly returning to them.

United States Pluto Return

The complete restructure and reestablishment of the great potential of the United States Of America (The New jerUSAlem) will be finalized after Pluto completes is full cycle of experience. The “Pluto Return” is when Pluto “returns” to the exact position it was at the time of the birth of the United States and takes place from Spring 2021 until the end of 2023.

A prominent element of this Pluto cycle is the “economic and financial reset” which began with Uranus moving into the sign which most represents all financial matters, Taurus, in 2018. Upon the completion of this cycle is when We may fully observe the aforesaid “NESARA” experience to be implemented. We shall certainly enJOY the beginnings of the blessings of this event before that time, especially on a personal level, and the complete occurrence for the Nation may not be fully present until the Holiday Season of 2023.

The power (Pluto) has been and is continuing to return to the People, so that ultimately, We, The People might CHOOSE to no longer “elect to give away” our power to the “powers that BE,” and will become a SELF-GOVERNING SOCIETY. And, by BEing so, We must become accountable and responsible for all We Create and MISCreate and We must no longer “give away” our power to religious and political figures whose bloated bank accounts We have fortified, mainly because of the fear they have instilled into the populous. We will no longer look to “conventional” doctors and medicine to assist us in maintaining the body as it was designed to function. Instead We shall work with holistic well-being practitioners, spiritual advisors, chiropractors, energy healers, naturopaths, etc., who will inspire and empower “We The People” to know the innate protective and healing properties of the body and how to support its proper function.

The July 4 / 5, 2020 Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse, which corresponds with the “birthday” of the United States indicates a time for “We, The People” to Know our greatest potential collectively, as a country. The United States is Destined to BEcome “The New jerUSAlem,” and is to be a benchmark for all other nations to follow. And, this element of greatness, from a place of Love, must first BE established within “We, The People,” before it may come to form in our Country.

A Few Final Points of Revelations and Potentials

• We shall continue to observe the “Fall From Grace” of the “False Idols” such as Hollywood Celebrities and Sports Figures.

• History, as it actually “occurred” shall be correctly revealed.

• The actual “origins” of Humanity shall be ultimately revealed.

• Disclosure of the hidden / actual Truths in arenas of Science and Spirituality which shall advance the awareness of the Oneness of Spirituality and Science shall be finally disclosed.

• The more that “We” allow ourselves to recognize the presence of Extraterrestrial Beings, We shall assist in the revelation of their presence.

• The “Miracle of the Sun” experience of 13 October 1917 in Fatima was in fact a “Close Encounter” event.

• We shall continue to be shown the actual orchestrators of the
September 11, 2001 event.

• The Knowing of the Power of Universal Love shall very much BEcome “The New Normal.”

• Large Corporate Conglomerates, Banks and the Pharmaceutical Industry and the like shall continue to crumble and shall have no place in the coming times.

• It is the “Independent” Artist, Musician, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist who will RISE ABOVE during these unprecedented days and THRIVE in the coming Times.

• Whole Food, Planet-based Nutrition & prevention programs shall be the “New Normal.”

• Holistic, Nature-based healing modalities and the use of Nature (Herbs, Teas, Essential Oils) to assist the facilitation of the body’s natural ability to protect itself against harm and infection and the ability to support its innate healing function shall BE the “New Normal.”

As always…

If what I share with you–which I acknowledge comes through my Higher Self–resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not reverberate with you, that is also magnificent.

Discern this and all information, remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

Raymond J. Sette, Full Moon, May 7, 2020