What a comprehensive consultation

can offer a client:


Many times we question our own judgment. We wonder if we’ve made the proper decision about some important matter in our life. Quite often – before the client even asks the question – the answer manifests during the consultation. Validation of the presence of a loved one, as well as Spirit guides, can also come through during a session. A client’s loved ones makes their presence known by giving Ray imagery of something they were connected with during their time in physical form, which then validates for the client the presence of their loved ones in their life.


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An objective point of view regarding the conditions and circumstances that surround a client can offer clarity and even a new avenue of direction of which the client may not be aware. When we observe the planetary influences, we can see beyond the physical to the metaphysical, offering alternate possibilities regarding the aforesaid matters.

Inspiration, offer of Hope

During those seemingly dark and uncertain times throughout the course of one’s life, it may appear as though the challenges and struggles seem insurmountable and have no end. An astrological consultation reviews the planetary cycles that have a beginning and end point, as well as factors in other conditions such as an Eclipse. We can see when adverse planetary influences will come to an end. And we offer an alternate perspective about how the client’s higher level of consciousness, as well as evolutionary “Self,” is being stimulated during such challenging moments.

Spiritual Consultation