Group Gallery / Psychic Event

Ray is available for private, group gallery/psychic events for up to 15 individuals, with a minimum requested of 8 guests for the event. These events generally take place in a private home; other settings, such as restaurants or assembly halls, are considered.

Ray has been conducting these types of events since 2007 and each one proves to be unique in its own right. No two are ever the same. Every gathering has its distinctive quality, simply because of the individuality of each guest. These events are always highly inspirational, spiritual and enlightening.

Ray connects with the specific, individual energy of each guest. The information conveyed from Spirit could radiate from connections and messages from loved ones who have transitioned into the Spirit realm or from Spirit pertaining to situations, circumstances and events in one’s life that will inspire and inform, as well as offer hope for anything that may need clarity.

For additional information, and to book Ray for a private event, please send an email requesting the booking and you will receive tentative dates that Ray would be available. A “Gallery Guideline” sheet will be given to you to share with the guests in preparation for the event. These are simple request to ensure the reverence of the event and to create the most favorable opportunity for all those who are present for the experience.

In addition to the Group / Gallery Event, private party bookings are available for individual, 30 minute sessions with Ray. We request at least 8 participants with no more than 10 guests.

Once the date is confirmed, a deposit in NOT required. However, Ray’s schedule does fill very quickly and we ask that you take all possible measures to keep your booking.

To book your event, please click here to send a request email.

Here is a brief video giving an example of what takes place during an “Evening With Ray!”