Astrology is a Science. Its proper definition is "the study of life's reactions to planetary vibrations." The Astrology chart, which is known as a horoscope (meaning "to look within"), is our own personal blueprint.

There has always been a tremendous desire for people to discover their own personal significance in the universe that we live in.

We have all been shown that there is one thing we can really count on and that is "change." Astrology allows us to expand our awareness, see our options, and to understand the planetary energies before they enter our lives. When used as the tool it is intended to be, Astrology can assist you in many ways: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, in business and in relationships, through conscious co-creation with the Universe and its energies.

Astrology is a tool. A tool used to define and predict the possible events in our life.

The Astrological Chart represents our potential: what we can expect to experience according to the choices we make in this life. We use this in accordance with our free will to create our realities with consciousness. This is our Astrological blueprint, our planetary x-ray, our soul. With this chart, we can look into all areas of our lives and see the "potential" in each.

With interpretation from a Professional Astrologer, we can find the answers to most of our questions, as well as a direction to focus our consciousness in a manner that is creative and fulfilling to our desires.

About Astrology