Full Moon

Taurus Full Moon

November 4, 2017

1:23 A.M., EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our Full Moon this month resides in the sign Taurus, the sign that represents Australia and Azerbaijan, beauty and beautiful objects, farms, farming and fields. Taurus governs loans and loan companies, money and the places where money is stored, possessions, precious stones, sculptures, treasures and wealth! Always be conscientious to appraise the exact position of the Full Moon and the aspects it creates to the points in your personal chart to further understand how these planetary energies will manifest on an individual, personal level. Our Full Moon is at 12 degrees of Taurus and the Sun at 12 degrees of Scorpio.

As a Full Moon is the culmination of the Lunar Cycle and a moment of fruition of what we have set in motion on the New Moon, the Full Moon event is also a favorable time for the release of that which no longer serves a greater purpose! On this Full Moon, is it suggested we release the element of “material slavery,” the “need” for anything in the physical world to define our well being as well as our self worth! This suggestion is intended to inspire us to know that, first, all that we may require to enjoy the experience of well being–in all facets of our lives–has already been imbued within all of us. And, in the instant when we no longer “need” anything (any-thing) while in physical form, ironically, we set in motion the energy for the Universe to bring to us all that we may desire–and more! Spirit suggests that we “‘want’ nothing and Desire everything!” When we remove the element of “wanting,” we not longer create a condition of “want,” that is an element which may eradicate the possibility of creating or bringing to form all that we may choose to manifest and experience. The “Desire” element is the fuel for the intention that brings the intent to physical form and allows us the opportunity to co-create with Spirit all that we may choose to experience and no longer create the “need” for things in physical form!

Abundant Jupiter forms an opposition aspect to the Full Moon, offering the opportunity for us to welcome and co-create all the Blessings and creature comforts (Taurus) that we desire while in this Human form. At this Full Moon lovingly allow yourself to recognize your priorities. We suggest Family first, then friends, followed by career. Of course, we include “our self” in this catalog of suggested priorities.

Since the end of 2012–which coincided with the misinformed December 21, 2012 “doomsday” prophecy—Humanity has been offered the opportunity to recognize how it has been disempowered by the “powers that be,” and to embrace higher choices to empower the “self.” As I have illustrated in many forecasts, knowing one’s power does not suggest we control or disempower another or to become unlawful by any means. Rather, his higher knowing Inspires us to recognize the power within the self and that this element is what Evolutionarily Created all things. This Higher Knowing, when embraced from a place of Love (Taurus) allows us to recognize the Blessing of the power which brings all intention to form.

Another powerful realization that shall come to the surface throughout this continued time of disclosure, is that the colossal debt of our nation may have been created intentionally so to keep “We The People” in a place of imbalance, disempowerement and a compromised state of well-being. And, the pendulum is now swinging in the other direction, returning “power to the people” as it was intended by the Founding Fathers of the United States.

This Venus-ruled Taurus Full Moon also offers each of us the chance to recognize this Blessing of how the element of Love and Being in that Place of Love causes us to RECEIVE all that we Desire! When the Heart Chakra (Love) is clear and free of energetic debris and is functioning at its highest vibrational frequency, we are at a place to receive all the Blessings that may be bestowed upon us from the Source that Created all things!!! Spiritually and Metaphysically we understand that it is just as good to receive as it is to give! Allow yourself this Blessing on this Full Moon.

Taurus, as I have illustrated, connects with Abundance, and at this Full Moon Spirit offers you the Knowing that we may have MIS-created the LACK and limitations that confound us. When we know that we have the ability to create abundance, we must recognize the we can misdirect the energy and create lack. At this Full Moon choose to redirect the energy toward creating the abundance of many benevolent blessings and to release the element of lack and limitations.

Neptune at almost 12 degrees of Pisces forms an opportunity, 60-degree sextile aspect to the Full Moon, offering the realization of the presence of Spirit and its support in assisting us in co-creating all that we Desire while in Human form. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, at almost 26 degrees of Libra forms an opposition, Full Moon energy alignment with Uranus at almost 26 degrees of Aries. This configuration creates the opportunity to quickly bring to form all things Blessed and Abundant as well as the Higher Knowing of the creative power of the ability to manifest all that we desire. This benevolent alignment causes us to bring to form “something out of the seeming nothing!” Allow yourself the awareness that all that you Desire may arrive at your door through some very unusual and unexpected opportunities, as a result of the intentions you may have already set in motion.

Know, Dear Ones, that the Countless Supply and Never Ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! ~Unknown.

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

Aries Full Moon

October 5, 2017

2:41 PM, EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our Full Moon this month resides in the sign Aries, the sign of one’s abilities, amethyst, diamonds and fires, hairdressers and holly, kilns and mustard. Aries governs red stones and red rocks, sheep and one’s temperament, thistles, tools, plastered walls and welding. Review the precise placement of the Full Moon and the aspects created to your astrological chart in order to gain greater understanding as to how these energies may come to form for you at the personal level.

The Full Moon is at almost 13 degrees of Aries and the Sun at nearly 13 degrees of Libra, and at the exact time of the Full Moon, we have Pluto rising on the horizon as well as forming a creative, dynamic and sometimes combustive, t-square energy aspect with the Sun and Moon. The benevolent potential of this placement, especially as it connects to the Moon (We The People) is yet another opportunity for the people to Know their individual, creative power. The malevolent possibility of this position suggests that those in authority and “extreme power places,” may feel the need to “flex their muscle,” and egocentrically use force to “show who’s boss.”

As I have exhaustively stated in many of my forecast, “We The People” shall ALWAYS be offered the opportunity to thwart and diffuse any potentially negative and destructive occurrence from coming to form in the outer world. Since 2014, “We The People” have been offered many opportunities from Spirit to “Know our power,” and to demonstrate that potential from a place of Love. In the coming weeks, we are offered yet another opportunity to choose to Be in a place of Love, and demonstrate that Love in all which we are Being. This simple procedure, as insignificant as it may seem, shall cause the “Lion to lay down with the lamb,” and thwart the efforts of any low vibrational intention from any leader in a high-power position.

Venus and Mars in Virgo form an exact conjunction (New Moon alignment) less than 2 hours before the Full Moon and create a harmonic, Peaceful trine energy aspect to Pluto. This placement does suggest the potential to diffuse any disparaging manifestation, and let’s most certainly not miscalculate the power of Pluto and tap into its benevolent potential!

In addition, Pluto represents the profound ability for one to manifest great things on many levels during this Human experience. The energy of this Full Moon shall allow us to be aware of how rapid we may manifest our intentions, so I suggest to “be careful of what you wish for” as well as to be abundantly aware of all intention and thoughts set in motion in these most auspicious of times!

Mercury at 10 degrees of Libra is in close proximity to the Sun and opposes the Moon, and we factor his placement into the aforesaid t-square energy equation, especially as it relates to Pluto. The alignment to Mercury from Pluto offers the opportunity for one to regenerate thoughts, choose to dissolve the E.G.O. (Edge God Out) and “know” the creative potential and dynamic of the mind. A lower demonstration of this potentiality would be one who attempts at controlling, especially “mind controlling” another! From a higher standpoint, we may use this energy to release any low frequency thoughts which no longer serve a greater purpose, for ourselves personally as well as for all of Humanity. Low vibrational thoughts of hate, anger, fear are all to be release and transmuted at this time! As the Full Moon is a time of culmination, this moment is also beneficial for releasing all which no longer serves a greater purpose, and in this instance, low-level thoughts.

With the Moon residing in Aries, the sign of the Entrepreneur, this moment may be a time for those who desire to embark upon entrepreneurial endeavors to do so!

The last exact alignment of the on-going Jupiter / Uranus opposition took place on September 28, 2017 and remains energetic at this Full Moon. Jupiter has passaged passive Libra during this alignment, and with the opposition from Uranus, we have been offered the opportunity to incorporate the higher knowing of our never dissevered connection to and with Nature and the Natural World throughout this Human experience. This higher Knowing also allows us to recognize how we may mis-create condition in our outer world such as debilitating destructive, what we consider to be “Natural disasters” or “act of God,” which are more accurately a reflection of the collective of the imbalances of the all of Humanity. When each person chooses to calm the “storms” within themselves, we shall no longer observe the destructive “storms,” as we have recently witnessed, in our outer world.

The Earth, our Gaia, is very much a living organism, and we are very much connected to its well being as well as lack-there-of. When we each, individually, exist in a place of Peace and Love, Peace and Love shall be known in the outer world. Choose to be in a place of Peace and love within yourself, and observe how your outer experiences clearly reflect that Peace and Love.

Selemat Gajun, Selemat Ja; Syrian for “Be One and Be in Joy!”

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

Pisces Full Moon

September 6, 2017

3:03 AM, EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our Full Moon this month of resides in the sign Pisces, the sign of the abstract, ambidexterity, spiritualistic churches and clairvoyance. Pisces governs the feet, fountains, holy water and liquids as well as monks, nuns, occultism and all facets of psychism and sensitivity to etheric energy. As always, look to the exact position of the Full Moon and the aspects created by the Lunations placement to your astrological composition in order to achieve a greater understanding as to how these energies will manifest for you at the personal level.

At the climax of this Lunar Cycle, the Full Moon is at almost 14 degrees of Pisces and the Sun at almost 14 degrees of Virgo. And in a close connection to the Full Moon, we have the planetary ruler of Pisces, our sometimes nebulous and always profoundly Spiritual friend Neptune, at almost 13 degrees!

In these last few years during Humanity’s profound Creative, Spiritual Evolution, we have been offered the auspicious opportunity from Spirit to recognize how we are “Spiritual Beings enJOYing a Human Experience!” We have come to this Earth plane from the Spirit Realm, we do not originate on this planet and we are now experiencing a paradigm shift in our Spiritual Knowing of “who we really are” regarding our Spiritual origins as well as our Divine, Creative potentials. And, at this Full Moon as the Moon amalgamates with Neptune, many shall experience a “breakthrough” regarding their own personal, Spiritual understandings of themselves as well as their higher purpose–in whatever form we might choose to demonstrate the potential of that potentiality!

Neptune also represents great confusion, misleading and mistrust and with its great connection to the Full Moon at this time, bewilderment, heightened ambiguity as well as many deceptions may be abundantly prevalent in the outer world. And, the purpose of these distractions is to keep the greater of Humanity from recognizing the Blessings which are being bestowed upon them during these unprecedented times! And, as I have expressed in past writing; when we are clear in our Being and firmly connected and grounded to and with the energy of the Earth, we shall ALWAYS be shown the “bigger picture,” and the greater purpose of the situation as well as what may have its intention to disempower and keep the whole of Humanity in a place of fear that will always interFEAR with our well-being and demonstrating our greatest potential! The choice is always ours as to what we shall “see” in all expereinces.

Venus, the “higher octave” of Neptune, in Leo forms an exact, transformative inconjunct (150-degree alignment) to the Full Moon / Neptune union. This type of energy alignment is equal to the transformative as well as self-empowering potential of Pluto. This metamorphic alignment suggests the opportunity for us to demonstrate our profound creative potential as well as for us to embrace the Blessings of “Spiritual Love.” In the experience of “Spiritual Love,” this is when we ALLOW ourselves to recognize the Blessing of Love in all things, all experiences and all people. And, certainly by doing so, we ALLOW ourselves to receive the Blessings from Spirit, in ways so much greater than we might imagine. Undoubtedly, this alignment also insinuates the possibility of a Spiritual Love / romantic partnership, provided the individual has allowed themselves to vibrate at an elevated Spiritual frequency that will facilitate the process of attracting such a possibility.

The connection with Neptune and the Full Moon, especially in the sign of Pisces, heightens our “psychic sensitivity,” as well as an overall heightened awareness of etheric pulsation, specifically when the energy is vibrating at a bombastically unbalanced level! Allow yourself to recognize how, in all your experiences in the coming weeks, the energy of the given situation either reverberates with you or causes you to feel uncomfortable and imbalanced. If the latter is your encounter, then permit yourself to “Honour” what your are “feeling,” and embark on the decision regarding the situation, which shall serve a greater purpose for you. If there is a need to Lovingly detach yourself for those who might be a vexation to your Spirit–Honour that Knowing! This might be an opportunity originating from Spirit for you to recognize what may need to be eliminated from your experiences so that you might further yourself on your Spiritual Journey.

On the day before the culmination of the Full Moon, Mercury, who has been retrograde since August 12, has moved direct in its orbit. Keep in mind that not until after Mercury moves past the point at which it moved retrograde, which is on September 19, 2017, that we are completely out of the effects of the retrograde motion energy. Since Mercury very much is seemingly “still” around the time of the Full Moon, the element of confusion may be even more prevalent! Uranus, “The Great Awakener,” forms an exact harmonic, 120-degree aspect to Mercury at the time of the Full Moon. As Mercury moves direct and begins to “pick up speed” in its orbit–providing we have been “going within” during the Mercury retrograde period–we shall receive the Blessings of a “Great Awakening” specific to the area of our charts where the Mercury Retrograde has resided as well to any other matter which we have been reflecting upon during the retrograde.

Finally, Pluto “The Great Transformer,” forms an opportunity, sextile (60-degree aspect) to the Full Moon and Neptune as well as a trine (120-degree), “effortless ease” alignment to the Sun. This “obtuse” triangular energy formation is very much a benefic blessing, which causes us to be AWARE of the beatitudes at hand as well as to demonstrate the necessary action so that we might choose to bring to form, into our realities, the offered blessings!

Selemat Gajun, Selemat Ja; Syrian for “Be One and Be in Joy!”

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

Aquarius Full Moon

Partial Lunar Eclipse

August 7, 2017

2:11 P.M., EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our Full Moon this month of resides in the sign Aquarius, the sign of Astrology, aviators and awakenings, exploration, free thinking and free will, Humanitarianism, light and pacifists. Aquarius governs progress and the progressive, reforms and reformers, society in general and all things wireless.

Our Full Moon is also a Partial Lunar Eclipse, and as with all celestial activity, review the precise position of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and its aspects to the points in your personal charts to understand how these planetary potentials will unfold for you. The Full Moon is positioned at 15 degrees of Aquarius and the Sun 15 degrees of Leo.

Humanity may not yet be completely immersed in the “Age of Aquarius,” but we have most certainly progressed beyond the “dawning” of this time of Brotherhood that began in the 1960s. And as we swiftly advance thought the Eclipse Season of August 2017, Humanity, especially here in the United States, will be propelled forward on its Spiritual, Evolutionary path. All individuals will have the opportunity to unquestionably Know their Higher Purpose and to set in motion the “Being” of that Destiny! This Aquarius Full Moon/Eclipse shall certainly facilitate the advance toward this Knowing, of course, only if “We The People” choose to receive these profound Blessings.

Three days before the Full Moon/Eclipse, the final exact alignment of the 3 Jupiter/Pluto square (90-degree) energy aspect formed itself. The greatest Blessing of this configuration is that “We The People” have the opportunity to eliminate the beliefs, belief systems and thoughts that no longer server a higher and Humanitarian purpose. This alignment also offers the opportunity to recognize how Humanity had been misinformed and misguided by religious (not Spiritual) teachings of the past, and no longer fit into the times of today. These old, outmoded (although sometimes logical), limited thought patterns have hindered our growth towards higher levels of Knowing, as well as delayed our success and joy. For us to embrace the full potential of the coming times, we must discard and cleanse what no longer serves a purpose, so that we begin a monumental, new chapter in our Human development, with a “clean slate.” Such as chapter is about to unfold with the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017,

This Full Moon, Partial Eclipse coincides with the annual occurrence–between August 8 through 12–of the opening of the “Lion’s Gate Portal” of August 8, which brings a tsunami of higher consciousness, divine energy and profound Knowing to those who choose to receive. When we “reduce” the entire date numerologically August 8, 2017 becomes; 8 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7, and then reduces completely to “26,” which then, 2 + 6 = 8! This underscores the significance of this magnificent year during this specific Lion’s Gate Portal. The most elevated frequency of the number 8 in numerology represents “As Above, so Below.” The Light, Power or “God particle” from above is very much Below, while we enJOY this Earthly experience, and this particle has been Lovingly imbued within each of us at the moment of our Birth, from the Source that Created all things. As the Sun transits the Tropical sign of Leo, which represents Creativity and Divinity, the Lion’s Gate is the time for us to Know the Creative Power of Divinity inside us. At this time we receive the “Diamond Light” energy from above, and embrace the awareness of this Creative energy as a part of this Human experience.

As dynamic Mars moves through fiery Leo, at this Lunation, he forms a close conjunction New Moon aspect to the Sun as well as an opposition to the Full Moon. The robust energy of Mars in Leo stimulates the presence of the aforesaid Creatively Divine element at this exceptional Full Moon/Eclipse!

Mercury in Virgo,forms an opposition, Full Moon energy aspect to Neptune in Pisces at the time of this Full Moon. The Virgo/Pisces polarity connects with the polarization of Fear and Trust. At this Full Moon/Eclipse, we are offered to recognize how we are, and may continue to be, consumed by lower vibrational thoughts (Mercury) that keep us in a place of Fear (Virgo). At the same time, we are offered the opportunity to RELEASE the Fear, allowing us to advance lovingly to a place of True Spiritual (not religious) Knowing, Faith and ultimate Trust. Doing so shall, in and of itself, create the most dynamic, as well as dramatic change in our Human Experience, leading us towards enJOYing an ultimate reality of Peace, Harmony, Joy, Abundance and Spiritual Love, in all things. The polarity of Earth (Virgo) and Spirit (Pisces) of the Mercury and Neptune alignment furthermore brings to our attention the “As Above, So Below” constituent.

Jupiter in peaceful Libra forms an “obtuse triangle” energy alignment with the Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius. This configuration, from Jupiter ,“The Greater Benefic,” provides Humanity with many profound Blessings that underlie the great chaos that may potentially unfurl during these pivotal moments of our Creative Evolution. This Jupiter alignment presents the potential of a miraculous occurrence, if only “We The People” choose to bring this Blessing to form. Spirit will always “show us the way,” and it shall never interFEAR with the Free Will of Humanity.

How all of this will finally come to form, we, Divine Beings, are Creating it all.

Selemat Gajun, Selemat Ja; Syrian for “Be One and Be in Joy!”

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

Capricorn Full Moon

July 9, 2017

12:07 A.M. EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our Full Moon in July resides in the sign Capricorn, the sign of blue violet, business, crystallization, fields, gardens and gates. The final Earth sign of the Tropical Zodiac governs all government, government officials, its representatives as well as its progress, not to mention a government’s service to its People. Integrity, pottery and potters, pyramids, salt, tombs and vaults are also facets of the sign Capricorn. As with any Lunation and planetary activity, assess the placement and aspects the Full Moon creates in your individual charts in order to gain a better awareness of how these energies will potentially manifest on a personal level.

At the culmination of the Lunar cycle, the Moon is at 17 degrees of Capricorn and the Sun at 17 degrees of Cancer. Within one degree of the Full Moon, we have evolutionary Pluto at 18 degrees of Capricorn. Once during a Lunar Cycle, the Moon will form a conjunction with all the planets, and when the Moon is conjunct with a specific planet on either a New or Full Moon, the amalgamation is that much more prominent. In a “mundane chart” such as a Full Moon chart cast for a country, the Moon element represents “We The People,” and one of the many facets of Pluto is power. At this writing, the realization of self-empowerment, one of the higher frequency qualities of the often misunderstood heavenly body, comes to the fore. At this Full Moon, “We The People” are becoming profoundly aware–provided we have set in motion the intention that will allow this awareness to come to form for us–of the Creative Power of Divinity that has been instilled in every one of us at the moment of first breath.

In 2014 the United States began a prevailing transformational period of creative evolution. More specifically, “We The People” embarked on this transformation; whether acknowledge this Blessing or not is up to us. And if any nation is to rise above the influence of any disempowering authoritative figure, “We The People” must FIRST enlighten ourselves about the Light and power that has been instilled in each of us, or there will be no benevolent change in the country. If we have embarked upon the journey of enlightenment and self-awareness in these past 3 years, at this Full Moon, this knowledge of our innate power will solidify in our consciousness. And, as I have emphasized in past writing, the knowing of this power DOES NOT suggest we control or inflict that power upon another, nor overthrow our government! This elevated level of consciousness is for us to live in the knowledge that, first, we are connected to the SOURCE that CREATED all things, and that same element has been imbued upon us at birth so that we might create all that we desire and choose to experience for our selves, without any “need” of anything or anyone outside ourselves.

Once each one of us welcomes this Higher Knowing, all that is necessary to facilitate a higher vibrational change in the outer world is that each person correct any imbalance within themselves. As a result, all of humanity will re-establish its innate balance and create an existence of Peace, Harmony, Abundance and Love.

On July 2, 2017, Mars in Cancer formed a “Full Moon” energy opposition alignment to Pluto in Capricorn. This somewhat volatile alignment may suggest a time of elevated violence, disturbances, and disruptions in the world coming to form. Allowing ourselves to “be in the world and not of it,” offers us the Higher Knowing that nothing that comes to form in the outside world has any power, whatsoever, upon our innate Peace, Harmony and Balance, because it does not “matter.” We must be clear in the awareness of our connections with Source, and that all that comes to form in this third dimensional experience is nothing but an illusion.

The last of the three Jupiter inconjunct Neptune alignments occurs on July 5, 2017 and the greatest, most profound awakening of this cycle of experience is an abandoning of old, outmoded Spiritual beliefs that will no longer serve a purpose in the times to come. This cycle of experience paves the way for Humanity to receive Higher Spiritual “revelations”–certainly because we are in the times of Revelations–that the “powers that be” have kept from the populace as a means of controlling the general population. The times of the “Religious” veil of secrecy are coming to an end.

Lastly, on July 10, 2017, the Sun in Cancer forms an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Egos may flare; the “powers that be” may feel the need to “flex their muscles.” The last time a similar alignment took place was when North Korea tested a nuclear appliance. This alignment also allows us to recognize the “power within,” so please direct the energy in a Loving, all-serving manner.

Selemat Gajun, Selemat Ja; Syrian for “Be One and Be in Joy!”

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

Sagittarius Full Moon

June 6, 2017

9:10 A.M., EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our coming Full Moon resides in the sign Sagittarius, the sign of, among many elements, abundance, announcers of radio and television, churches and clergymen, Faith, the Higher Mind and Inspiration. The final fire sign of the Tropical Zodiac governs the media, philanthropy, the philanthropist and philosophy, radio and television, distant travel, universities and visions.

Always examine where the Full Moon resides in your personal astrological charts and its aspects to the points in your charts to understand how these planetary energies may potentially manifest for you.

The Full Moon is at almost 19 degrees of Sagittarius and the Sun at almost 19 degrees of Gemini; one of the most prevalent aspects formed to the Full Moon and Sun is a creative, dynamic and sometimes volatile square (90-degree) energy aspect from Neptune in Pisces. Whenever we have our nebulous friend Neptune in play, we must dedicate the most diligent caution as to how we approach and receive its energy and information and Inspiration. As misleading as Neptune may be at times, this “gas giant” is one of our most profound Messengers of great clarity, Inspiration, creativity and Spiritual guidance when we are clear in our Being and grounded with the energy of our Beloved Gaia.

There is much information in our world, concentrated at this Full Moon, delivered through conventional media, with the intention to confuse, mislead and delude the populace. But when we are CLEAR in our BEING, connected and GROUNDED with the energy of our Earth, we will innately KNOW when we are being misled, as well as when we are receiving Higher Knowing and Inspiration from the Spirit, which has at its highest intention the well-being of and blessings for all of Humanity.

Sagittarius represents our Higher Mind and Higher Self, which is that part of us–whose connection is never dissevered, only our Human Awareness of that connection may lack–that exists in the 5th dimension, Spiritual Realm and remains uncontaminated from 3rd dimension interFEARance.  We are always free to receive the Inspiration, guidance and Love from our Higher Mind while we are on this Earltly sojurn if we ALLOW ourselves to do so! This Full Moon is an optimum opportunity for us to clear the etheric lines of communication of any 3rd dimensional interFEARance with our Higher Mind so that we might choose to receive all that we might Desire to know that will assist us in propelling us forward at this time on our personal as well as Global Evolution.

The second most profound influential and evolutionary aspect at this Full Moon is generated from Pluto at almost 19 degrees of Sagittarius forming a transformation, transitional and metamorphic inconjunct (150-degree) energy aspect to the Sun in Gemini. The “Sun” in the chart cast for a Full Moon, or in “Mundane Astrology,” represents “Heads of State” as well as the Human “E.G.O.” (Edge God Out) of the population. In other words, the “E.G.O.” of “We The People” is now, hopefully and finally, being forever dissolved so that we might embrace the Awareness of our connections with Spirit. And in this Knowing, EVERYONE shall benefit from the Blessings of the Inspiration provided by Spirit that will cause us to remember that we are forever connected to the source of well-being, this knowing that will create for all of Humanity a living experience of the many blessings of Peace, Harmony, Joy as well as financial abundance. And when each of us, individually, ALLOW this higher experience, the All of Humanity shall raise its consciousness and vibration, and we shall no longer observe the horrors, such as what we witnessed on May 22 in Manchester England, come to form. Because we shall no longer “miscreate” these experiences. Of course, if we so choose this to be so.

Since October 2016, Jupiter and Neptune have be “within the orb of influence,” forming the transformative inconjunct aspect with one another, and at this Full Moon, this configuration is close to being exact. The final precise alignment will be on July 4, 2017 and the greatest transformation that is unfolding during this period is that “We The People” are evolving to a Creative and Evolutionary, Higher and Greater understanding and Knowing of true Spirituality, untainted by the human ego. True spirituality has no connection to the Human created Religions. The misinformation that has been presented to Humanity–and by exclaiming this statement, I have no intention to thwart the Blessings many have received through “conventional” religions teachings for I Know there is merit to all–is now being “dissolved” as part of the greater experience of disclosure at hand. And, whether we choose to recognize the Blessing or not, our current President is one of the greatest facilitators of this disclosure of misinformation.

In the Full Moon chart cast for the United States, we have Leo, the planetary ruler of the Sun, rising on the Horizon. The planet, which governs the rising sign of a chart, is considered to be the “planetary ruler” of the chart. I emphasize this element to further illustrate the significance at this time of the need and Blessings of the “disablement and transformation” of the E.G.O. As do all facets of this Human Experience, the E.G.O., when demonstrated from a higher vibrational frequency, will serve a higher and greater purpose. And, the superior significance of the Human Ego is the ingredient of “checks and balances.” A “high vibrational” E.G.O. will allow us to remain Humble and in a place of Knowing that the source of all that we create is Spirit/God/Love, and not necessarily “us.” “We The People” are creatively evolving to the Higher Knowing of our “co-creative” connection with a Supreme Being, which has nothing to do with the “false teachings” of conventional religion regarding “God.” This Knowing is another great revelation during these times of the Apocalypse and Revelation.

Finally, the element of Great Change and Chaos, the “Great Awakener,” Uranus, is at the highest point of the Full Moon composition. Chaos will always pave the way to great and powerful change. Quite obviously, we are in times of grand chaos, and this most certainly will continue as we progress through this Lunar cycle and through the coming months into our next “Eclipse Season” in August. Allowing ourselves to incorporate the Higher Knowing of “Being in the World and not of it” shall provide you the blessing to exist freely from any chaos of the outer world.

Your inner divine self will protect you from this [confusion]. You must learn to be sensitive to the Voice within that can tell you what is Truth, and what is Confusion, Chaos and Untruth. Learn to listen to the Voice of Truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves onto the path of evolution. ~Author Unknown

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

Scorpio Full Moon

May 10, 2017

5:43 P.M., EST

Washington, D.C.

Our imminent Full Moon resides in the sign Scorpio, the sign of apothecaries and autopsies, death and life after death, rebirth and regeneration, magic and magicians, topaz and wormwood, as well as Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Hull, England,.

The Moon is at located at 20 degrees of Scorpio and the Sun at 20 degrees of Taurus and as always, look to the precise position of the Full Moon and its aspects to the natal planets and points in your personal astrological chart to fine-tune your understanding of how these planetary energies could potentially manifest for you!

As we continue through this auspicious year, this month of May represents the “mid point” between the 2 eclipse seasons of February 2017 and August 2017. This Full Moon allows us to revisit what came to form with the February 7, 2017 Lunar Eclipse and prepares us for what is to come with the energies of the August 7, 2017 Lunar Eclipse.

Our Full Moon in the sign associated with the element of fear; Scorpio offers Humanity another opportunity to RELEASE the fears that debilitate, no longer serve a purpose, and may not allow us to know, experience and demonstrate our greatest potential. The energy of an Eclipse, especially if the Eclipse triggers exact points in your astrological chart, will allow us to connect with whatever Destiny or higher purpose we may have chosen prior to embodiment in Human form. With that, we will also be offered the opportunity to clear away past karmic debts that may interFEAR with the embrace of our Destiny!

The Full Moon in Scorpio forms a creative and dynamic square (90 degrees) energy aspect to the Moon (We The People) in the astrological chart of the United States. A square aspect denotes great and powerful change as well as a revolutionary shift toward higher experiences, and it is certainly beneficial to all who chose to embrace the blessings. In the weeks leading up to the Full Moon, we have observed the “Healthcare Debacle,” and associated agitation, in the United States.

Once again, this experience, from the Metaphysical and Spiritual Knowing, is an opportunity for Humanity, especially “We The People,” to recognize how we are the “Master Of Our Destiny” regarding our healthcare, well-being, and that we have been imbued with the power to CREATE, as well as MISCREATE, all that we desire. If we would not allow ourselves to be consumed by ANY fear, which interFEARs with our Peacefulness, we would not fear the need for Health insurance, and the decisions created by the “powers that be” would have no impact on our well-being.

The natal Moon in the chart of the United States resides in the sign Aquarius, whose actions, when demonstrated from a low-vibrational frequency, are rebellious, antagonistic and chaotic and may generate an overwhelming sense of anxiety. When the energy of the square aspect is activated from its lower form, these “less than loving” elements may be demonstrated. The challenge with this energy is that we must allow our awareness to be elevated so as to not be negatively consumed by the release of the fear, personally as well as from the outer world.

At the time of the Full Moon, Mercury and Uranus are within one degree of each other at 26 degrees of Aries and receive a harmonic trine energy (120 degrees) aspect from Saturn at 26 degrees of Sagittarius. This alignment creates the experience of an “Ah-ha!” moment, especially in the area of our personal entrepreneurial endeavors! If you one who is an entrepreneur, in the coming weeks observe the insights Spirit is offfering about how you may further your success! Allow yourself to be grounded with the energy of the Earth, clear in your Aura field and centered in your Being so that you will be aware of the guidance when it is presented to you!

At the moment of the Full Moon, Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio and the element of EMPOWEREMENT, forms a harmonic trine aspect to the Sun as well as an opportunity, sextile (60 degree) aspect to the Moon–We The People! This auspicious alignment suggests that “We The People” are in times of SELF-EMPOWERMENT and of the true KNOWING of the innate, creative power of our Being. This Knowing certainly does not suggest this power be used to control, manipulate or impose our unsolicited opinions on another. This energy is the Blessing of the Higher Knowing of our Creative Being and that each one of us possesses the power to CREATE all that we Desire, including all conditions of our bodies. If we can recognize this authority of self, we would acknowledge that we have the ability to bring to form all that we desire, and there would be no need to rely on any condition of the outer world.

The element of Scorpio connects with great and debilitating fear as well as the aspect of SELF-EMPOWEREMENT. We ALWAYS have the ability to CHOOSE which vibrational frequency of any planetary alignment we will bring to form. Choose Lovingly.

“If we allowed ourselves to recognize and acknowledge every thought we experienced in every moment of every day, we would cause ourselves to recognize how we CREATE all that comes to form in our Lives.” ~Ray Sette, Chapter 3, “The Planets Align So Rare.”

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

Libra Full Moon

April 11, 2017

2:09 A.M., EST

Washington, D.C.

Our next Full Moon resides in the sign Libra, the sign of the Artist, creativity and the Musician. Libra governs equilibrium, flowers in general, harmony and lemon-thyme as well as Love and lovers, partnerships of all kinds, white roses, symmetry, violets and wigs! The Moon is at located at 21-and-a-half degrees of Libra and the Sun at 21-and-a-half of Aries. Observe the precise position of the Full Moon and its aspects to the natal planets and points in your personal astrological chart in order to understand how these planetary energies will potentially manifest for you.

Alongside the Full Moon, we have Jupiter in Libra at almost 18 degrees, and the Moon/Jupiter union forms a creative and dynamic square energy aspect to Pluto, a body known as “The Great Transformer!” The square energy alignment with Jupiter and Pluto will be in play throughout this propitious year. One of the greatest “Blessings” of this alignment is that Humanity is offered the opportunity to regenerate its religious, low-frequency, logical and highly limited beliefs and thought patterns that keep each one of us in a place of self-doubt, confusion and fear. As Jupiter travels through one of the most creative signs, Libra, our newly Inspired, high-vibrational thoughts of all-encompassing Love allow us to receive many blessings, as well as Inspiration, that shall allos us to progress to a higher level in and with all our greatest desires. Since a Full Moon is a period of acute awareness, as well as the manifestation of all we set in motion, allow yourself at this time to release low-frequency thoughts, thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve a greater, creative-evolutionary purpose for you. By discharging these limited thinking patterns, you allow yourselves to greet greater levels of Inspiration to guide you in all your endeavors.

In the Full Moon chart cast for the United States, we have Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn rising in this astrological sonata. At first sight, this placement may indicate a period of unsettled energy as well as in a time of a “crumbling of the old” so that we might embrace a creatively evolved, more Humanitarian manner of existing. This alignment is also yet another indication of the “Knowing” of One’s will and power–WILLPOWER–to Create and Manifest all that One desires. Pluto forms a powerful t-square aspect to the Full Moon and Sun, and the Jupiter/Pluto square is accentuated at this Lunation. Pluto “rising” in a chart could indicate the escalation of a dark force/enemy as well as the “Underworld” making itself known. “There is no Darkness strong enough to put out the Light of even the smallest candle.” Embracing that knowledge shall thwart the efforts of any dark force, regardless of how significant it might seem to be.

Uranus, the “Great Awakener,” is located at 24 degrees of Aries at the time of the Full Moon and is in close proximity to the Sun as well as opposite the Full Moon and Jupiter. Before we become “awakened” to Higher Knowing and greater Awareness of elevated levels of consciousness, we must first experience the chaos–another profound element of Uranus–as well as discard the old, and overhaul and overturn what no longer serves a greater and higher purpose. The greater purpose of these times of what may seem to be chaotic commotion is that “We the People” might CHOOSE to release the “binds that tie” and keep us in a place of fear, confusion and disempowerment. Uranus is also the planet of “panic,” so we must be abundantly aware that “we are in the World but not of it,” and not allow ourselves to be consumed and distracted by the manifestations of the outer world.

Mercury will begin its second retrograde phase of 2017 on April 9 and will remain so until May 3, 2017. Please keep in mind that until it reaches the point along the Zodiac where it began its retrograde phase, which is on May 20, 2017, slight effects of the retrograde energy remain present.

This realm of consciousness is all but an illusion, and if we remain aware of this higher Knowing, no chaos, nothing (no-thing) in the outer world, has any power over us and our well-being, save the power we “give away to it.”

Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

Reality is merely an Illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

~Albert Einstein

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

Virgo Full Moon

March 12, 2017

10:54 A.M., EST

Washington, D.C.

Our next Full Moon resides in the sign Virgo, the sign of care and health of the physical body, civil service, and harvesting and pink jasper. Virgo governs life-saving services, the general condition of a nation, physicians in general, recipes, and refrigerators, teachers and teaching as well as veterinarians and volunteering. Look to the exact position of the Full Moon and its aspects to the natal planets and points in your personal astrological chart to gain an understanding of how these planetary energies will potentially manifest for you as an individual. The Full Moon is located at 22 degrees of Virgo and the Sun at 22 degrees of Pisces.

Humanity is swiftly advancing through this auspicious and unprecedented year, and these first few months of this pivotal advance toward a monumental Spiritual Awakening of the United States have already set the energy in motion for extraordinary change. The results of this unparalled, progressive, evolution will come from “We The People,” and NOT our government leaders, ONLY if each of us is in a place of Love.

And, so that we might welcome this exceptional, beneficial change, as well as the abundant blessings being offered to all–even when we choose to not see or welcome the offerings–we must release all the fear that shall interFEAR in all our endeavors. We must become acutely aware to not absorb, or blindly react to, the release of fear that is manifesting in our outer world.

The Virgo/Pisces polarity represents, among many “low vibrational” elements, fear–especially deep-seated fear–doubt, confusion, mistrust, anxiety and depression, to name a few. The elements that serve a greater, higher purpose connect with an acute sensitivity to overall energy and our surroundings, clarity, peacefulness, unshakable faith, trust and a complete sense of “Knowing,” as well as compassion and Spiritual/Universal Love. “We The People” have been, and are continually Inspired now, to rise above these “low frequency” vibrations and to welcome, embrace and incorporate the “high frequency” vibrational elements into all our Human experiences.

So many feel the need to “fix” the conditions in the outer world–our Country–and, each one must “fix” any imbalance, discord, disharmony and the condition of lack (in all things) within himself FIRST. Until then, no high-frequency, all-encompassing, beneficial change will come to pass in the outside world.

I elaborate on the lower vibrational elements here, because at the time of this Full Moon, there is yet another period of a “release” of the accumulated, lower frequency components. And, before we have the opportunity to release them, we must become aware of them and acknowledge that they may exist within the self. We may err in judgment when we misdirect our attention toward the condition and mistakenly reinforce the element when in fact we are being offered the opportunity to release it.

The Tropical Sign of Virgo connects with the element of “Victim Consciousness,” and certainly, specifically here in the United States, we are witnessing an elevated demonstration of this low-vibrational frequency. This demonstration in the outer world provides the opportunity for individuals to RELEASE this falsity about our Beings. Once we achieve this, we acknowledge our power and the fact that when we release this “Victim” mentality, we become the “Victor!”

To add to the profundity of the release of deep-seated fear–as well as deeply embedded, low vibrational emotions–the Full Moon forms an EXACT connection to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, in the astrological chart of the United States. We must further allow ourselves to energetically disconnect from any low-level vibration circumstance that is being released in the outer world. If we can detach from these experiences we no longer GIVE AWAY our power, and the condition no longer has any control over our well-being.

At the moment of the Full Moon, we have Gemini rising in the chart cast for the United States. Both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury, the “planet of the Mind,” and low frequency, logical, highly limited thinking of the 3rd dimension. Mercury moved into the sign of Pisces on the February 26, 2017 New Moon/Solar Eclipse and will remain in Pisces until the day after this Full Moon on March 13, 2017. At that point it moves into Aries. At this Full Moon, Mercury at 27 degrees Pisces receives a creative and dynamic,square energy aspect from Saturn at 27 degrees of Sagittarius.

The dynamic of this configuration may cause us to feel as though the “powers that be” have been oppressive, restrictive and overbearing. As with all components of the 3rd dimensional world and lower frequency thought, these elements are simply “Illusions.” At the “late degree” of 27 in the sign of Pisces, we are offered a monumental opportunity to RELEASE all lower frequency, limited thoughts that create fear and interFEAR with our becoming who we may have chosen to become before embarking upon this Human experience. This alignment with Mercury and Saturn is also an indication of deep-seated fears “rising to the surface” so that we might finally release these low-frequency thoughts and beliefs which may, if we give them the power to do so, hold us “hostage” in what seems to be the trappings of our world.

As we progress through this magnificent year of 2017, Saturn–the planet of Karma as well as the representation of Government and all leaders–will reside in the late degrees of the sign of the Higher Mind, Sagittarius. The “late degree” placement in any sign represents the end as well as the culmination of a cycle of experience. What is coming to an end during these unprecedented moments is the structure of our Government as we understand it to be. This cleansing and washing away of what is outmoded shall usher in a time of a true Spiritual Government and this process shall unfold in the coming 9 years.

At this Full Moon and continuing through the year, Saturn is connected to the Galactic Center, a portal of immense energy. This connection with pure “Spirit Energy” is being directed toward our Earth and offering Humanity the experience to receive, from the higher mind (Sagittarius) a greater knowledge of its Destiny. This connection with Saturn and the Galactic Center is facilitating the process of the manifestation of a Spiritual Government. Those born between 1989 and 1993–the “Children of Neptune” as I refer to them–have the greatest potential to bring to form this Spiritual Government that will serve a purpose for all, far greater than we might imagine at this time. There is a “Spiritual Hierarchy” at hand inspiring the leaders of the world. This may not be apparent during these times of seeming uncertainty, and all that is requuired of us (U.S.) is Faith. All will be Revealed.

In the coming weeks and months, ALLOW yourself to be aware of the fallacy of the “Victim” consciousness and choose to move past this low frequency experience toward a greater serving purpose of becoming the “Victor,” or in other words, the awareness that you ARE “Master of your Destiny.”

My Greatest Desire for each person–We The People–is that we ALLOW ourselves to receive and embrace our greatest potential and honor our Spiritual Path. And, it is in this higher knowing of our True Being, which comes through our Higher Self,  that we shall facilitate the greatest, most blessed change, and welcome our contribution to the greater good of all.

Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

Leo Full Moon

Lunar Eclipse

February 10, 2017

7:33 P.M., EST

Washington, D.C.

Our next Full Moon resides in the sign Leo, the sign of Apulia, Italy, and Bath, England; creativity and the creative abilities; the Heart and heat. Leo governs jewelry, jungles and lemon trees, as well as palaces, rubies, stadiums and thrones. The Moon is at 22-and-a-half degrees of Leo and the Sun at 22-and-a-half degrees of Aquarius. As with all planetary happenings, look to the exact position of the Lunation and its aspects to the points in your individual charts to gain a greater understanding of how these planetary Lunar Eclipse possibilities will unfurl for you!

An Eclipse, be it Lunar or Solar–as we shall experience on February 26, 2017–is a powerful concentration of intensified energy that can be felt up to 3 months prior to the Eclipse event. The momentum of an Eclipse may also remain in motion for 6 months, and in some instances, the effects may be felt for many years. This Lunar Eclipse in Leo accentuates the elements of Love, abundance, higher knowing–which is shared from Spirit–and untainted “Truth” as well as revelation. We, Humanity, are most certainly experiencing and are NOW in the times of “revelation,” or the Apocalypse.

The word Apocalypse originates from Greek, meaning “to uncover, or reveal.” This term, as I have been shown, certainly DOES NOT imply a period of destruction or devastation. Rather, Spirit is offering Humanity the opportunity to RECEIVE Higher Knowing, which leads to Higher Truth. And, this “Higher Truth,” is an entinty which is not obstructed by our Human JUDGEMENT.

All of which I share comes to me through a “clear” connection with my Higher Self . I endeavor to be diligent in keeping this line of communication lucid, so that I may be free of energetic interFEARance and that my physical Being remain grounded with the energy of the Earth so that I may accuratly share with you what is shared with me from Spirit. The “Knowing” I here share, is certainly not “absolute” and I aim to Inspire all to discover Higher Knowing for yourself, which Spirit will share with you. If I were to declair this, or any other of my writings to be “Absolute,” I would only demonstrate myself as being steeped in E.G.O. (Edge God Out) or self rightousness. All which comes through my Higher Self is Created from a place of Love, in hopes to Inspire you, the reader, to KNOW the God Power in you.

The coming months, through the remainder of this winter period and through spring, may potentially be an epoch of great revelation that may continue throughout this favorable year. In the chart cast for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse for the United States, the Eclipse highlights the 12th house of the chart, the house of “all that is hidden.” When this seemingly sinister sector of the astrological configuration is illuminated, especially by an eclipse, all that has been “hidden” is to be revealed.

The sign of Leo is most associated with Love and creativity, as well as Divinity. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo receives a benevolent, opportunity aspect from the planet most associated with benevolence, Jupiter in the highly creative sign of Libra. Jupiter, as well as the sign that is governs, Sagittarius, is most associated with Abundance. As I have explained in prior forecasts, the sign Leo most associates with Divinity and Creativity and when we express our creativity, we connect with Divinity and when we connect with Divinity we generate Creativity! And, to that I will add, when we ALLOW ourselves to experience and express the aforesaid virtues from a place of unconditional Love, we receive ABUNDANCE far greater than we can imagine. Of course, this is provided we ALLOW ourselves to RECEIVE the virtue of Abundance!!!

The Blessed alignments coming together at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse present to us the opportunity for EVERYONE to WELCOME the Blessings of ABUNDNACE! Abundance is each person’s birthright; allow yourself to become aware to create the blessings of affirmative Abundance and not necessarily the abundance of “LACK!” Certainly, when we experience excessive “lack,” that excess is the MIS-Creation of NEGATIVE abundance!

We in the Metaphysical arena understand that the collective of Humanity may potentially experience a time where “all debts are to be forgiven.” How this blessed opportunity is to unfold has yet to be defined–of course, by Humanity. In the coming months, we may witness how this might unfold, provided, we do not ALLOW dark energy, negativity, and the SEEMING trappings of the third dimensional world to interFEAR with the blessings at hand.

I would like to reiterate what I rendered in my “2017 Early Forecast” regarding ABUNANCE and the essence of President Trump:

“His [President Trump’s] persona reflects to us (U.S.) the physical manifestation of ABUNDANCE that each individual has the potential to CREATE through Desire that begins with Intention. Each one of us (U.S.) contains the potential to CREATE for ourselves the ABUNDANCE Mr. Trump has brought to form. Mr. Trump’s Natal Moon resides in the sign Sagittarius, the sign connecting with abundance.”

Let us not be diverted by what MAY SEEM to be moments of turmoil, for if we ALLOW the circumstances of the outer world to instill fear and interFEAR with the blessings provided, we will be DISTRACTED from CREATING and RECEIVING the Blessings at hand. In the Full Moon chart, Jupiter (Abundance) resides in the second house (money, income, and wealth–personal and national) of the chart cast for the United States (U.S.), further accentuating the blessings of abundance at hand!!!

Uranus, the planet most associated with chaos, upheaval and revelation, forms a beneficial alignment to the Full Moon, as well as an opposition, “Full Moon” energy aspect to Jupiter. This configuration suggests a period of heightened chaos, as we have already witnessed in the outer world, and these disruptions may culminate as we advance through this second month of this propitious year and in into the ensuing months. The higher vibrational energy of this alignment offers Humanity the prospect to receive an elevated frequency awareness (Higher Knowing understanding) so that we might embrace an ascension of our Spiritual potential, which surpasses conventional and false teachings in Religion. Uranus will always bring to form a profound evolutionary awakening to all who are receptive to this element; as always, the CHOICE is ALWAYS ours individually, and collectively, as to the manner in which this shall come to form.


Selemat Gajun, Selemat Ja; Syrian for “Be One and Be in Joy!”

“Passion [Love] is the path to Abundance.” ~Anonymous

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

Cancer Full Moon

January 12, 2017

6:34 A.M. EST

Washington, D.C.

Our next Full Moon resides in the sign Cancer, the sign of baths and bathing, domestic life and domesticity, food and fountains, as well as water lilies and marshes. The first water sign of the Tropical Zodiac governs motherhood, nourishment, the Ocean, pumpkins, white roses, streams, tides and all that is connected to water! The Moon is at 22 degrees of Cancer and the Sun at 22 degrees of Capricorn. As with all planetary activity, look to the Lunation’s precise position and its aspects to your personal charts to achieve a better understanding of how these cosmological possibilities will unfold for you.

The Full Moon indicates the climax of the Lunar cycle; what we set in motion at the time of the New Moon–provided we have been diligent in cultivating the intentions cast at the New Moon–will come to fruition at the time of the Full Moon. A Full Moon is also a time of RELEASE, and the Tropical sign of Cancer, among many elements, represents our homes and our home environment. It was the prophet Kahlil Gibran who declared, “Your home is your larger body!” All that manifests in our homes is a DIRECT reflection of the materialization of all the energy that dwells in the home, generating from its occupants. If you find yourself experiencing any imbalance in your home, seek to change, from within, the energy of yourself and all residents of your home FIRST, and then you will observe a change in the conditions of the home. This Full Moon is an auspicious moment to RELEASE from the home all energy that no longer serves a higher purpose! This release may also include ENERGETIC (Spirit) residence as well! Much information is available to assist in the process of the clearing of unwanted energy–personally and for home–and my reading recommendation is “Spiritual Clearings” by Diane Burney.

At the moment of the Full Moon, Saturn (Government) at 22 degrees of Sagittarius forms an ALMOST EXACT inconjunct energy aspect to the Moon (We The People) at 22 degrees of Cancer. The Inauguration of our new President will take place under the energy of this Full Moon, and this TRANSFORMATIVE and SELF-EMPOWERING energy aspect suggests, contrary to what most believe, that the incoming U.S. Presidential administration is to be transformative and empowering for “We The People,” IF we allow ourselves to recognize the OPPORTUNITY at hand, and do not allow ourselves to be distracted or discouraged by the forces of Darkness that do not want the population of the United States to recognize their Spirit (God) imbued POWER!

As powerfully transformative as is the inconjunct aspect, the energy of this configuration also represents a time of intense ADJUSTMENT! We must allow ourselves to not be distracted or discouraged by the experience, for it has at its helm the OPPORTUNITY for great TRANSFORMATION that leads to the EMPOWERMENT. And, since 2014, each person in the United States has been offered the prospect to recognize the God-power within, to undeniably “know” this Blessed Power and now in 2017, we are provided with the opportunity, from Spirit, to APPLY this knowing! I will further elaborate on this understanding, as well as on the significance of the New President here in the United States, in my “2017 Early Forecast” to be released in mid-January.

The Astrological Chart cast for the Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2017 further accentuates the element of self-empowerment and a transformation for “We The People” of the United States. At the time of the inauguration, the Moon (We The People) is in the sign most associated with transformation and empowerment, Scorpio! The sign Scorpio also represents FEAR, so we must not allow FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) to distract, discourage and derail each one of us (U.S.) from Awakening to the continued Knowing of self-empowerment. In the Inauguration chart, Uranus–the “Great Awakener”–resides in the 12th house, the house that represents “all that is hidden,” in the chart. This placement suggests that the incoming President may potentially “reveal” all that has been kept secret from the People of the United States. And through this “awakening,” each one may then choose, if they desire to do so, to awaken to a higher knowing of the intentions set in motion by the Founding Fathers of the United States, and to lovingly RE-ESTABLISH a “Government of the People, by the People, for the People.” This cycle of TRANSFORMATION will continue for another nine years, and culminate at the time of the “Pluto Return” of the United States Astrological Chart, when the RE-ESTABLISHMENT of the INTENTIONS of the Founding Fathers through the creation of the Constitution will be fully in place.

An additional point to illustrate the element of self-empowerment for “We The People” here in the United States is that the Full Moon forms an opposition “Full Moon” energy aspect to Pluto in the Astrological Chart of the United States. This placement further exemplifies the self-empowerment (Pluto) potential for for the people of the United States. And, on many occasions, when we are offered the opportunity to become aware of our “power,” we face the possibility of being “disempowered” by another. However, the other has the power to do so only if we allow it! Do not give away your power to another if you find yourself challenged by this type of experience! We might also encounter additional experiences in the outer world that may, if we ALLOW it, create fear within ourselves.

On January 8, 2017, four days prior to the Full Moon, Mercury moved direct in its orbit, and on January 28, 2017, will be in full force orbital motion. If we have been diligent in our intentions to “go within” during the Mercury Retrograde period, we shall be given greater clarity to that which we reflected upon as we progress thought this first month of this auspicious year.

Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

Gemini Full Moon

December 13, 2016

7:06 P.M., EST

Washington, D.C.

Our coming Full Moon dwells in the Mercury-ruled sign Gemini, which governs airmail and aquamarine, communication, duality, handwriting and libraries. The first air sign of the Tropical Zodiac represents memory and the abilities of the mind, lower vibrational, third-dimensional thinking and all thoughts and thinking connected to the physical, Earthbound experience. Always look to the placement of the Full Moon in your charts and the aspects it creates to gain further understanding of how these astrological energies will manifest for you personally. The Moon is at almost 23 degrees of Gemini and the Sun at almost 23 degrees of Sagittarius.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, Humanity is communally ascending to higher levels of consciousness and an experience that is acutely aware of the never-dissevered connections to its Spiritual origins. Certainly, we as Human creatures do not originate on Earth; we come to Earth from Spirit so that we might remember our Spiritual foundation and that we are ALL Creative Beings forever connected to the Source that created all things.

At this Full Moon, the collective of Humanity is experiencing a “quantum leap” along the path of its Spiritual Evolution! Lower vibrational, logic-based, limited and highly restrictive thinking is being dissolved so that we might embrace the higher vibrational, abstract and unlimited thinking that comes to us from our Higher Mind. The result is that we might choose to receive boundless solutions and information for all our Human experiences.

This quantum leap in our Spiritual evolution is accentuated by the first of three oppositions, “Full Moon” energy aspects Jupiter forms to Uranus on December 26, 2016. The subsequent oppositions are on March 2 and September 28, 2017. This cycle of experience brings to form an expansion, awakening, understanding and “Knowing” of the unlimited potential of the higher mind and elevated levels of thinking that create and manifest a Human experience that is compassionate, kind, peaceful, harmonious and overall filled with Love. It might not be readily apparent as we continue to observe less-than-loving experiences in the outer world, but certainly, we are at a time that can be described as the “darkest before the dawn!”

Since 2008, many individuals who possess the potential to become what we consider Metaphysically to be a “Light worker,” have been offered, from Spirit, the opportunity to embrace this potentiality, chosen by the individual before he embodied Human form. We are now in another moment where a momentous Awakening and a shift toward higher consciousness is being offered for chosen individuals, and this Full Moon is such the time! Each moment during a shift toward higher consciousness is a small fragment of a larger hologram of our Human experience and each transitional period is a progressive segment of the complete picture. The subsequent periods of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition will mark a time of advancement of this shift in consciousness for both individuals and the collective. At a personal level, people can move toward becoming “Light workers” as Humanity marches toward a highly evolved, Human experience.

Mercury begins its next retrograde phase on December 19, 2016 and remains so until January 8, 2017. This phase takes place in Capricorn, offering the opportunity to reflect upon our long-term goals, our careers and professions as well as our “purpose” in this incarnation. If you find yourself questioning what may be your life path/purpose, this Mercury retrograde phase is an optimum period to go within, mediate, pray, request enlightenment from Spirit. If you are diligent in your efforts and intentions, once Mercury moves direct and is “full force” in its speed on January 28, you will attain clarity about your greatest potentials, which are equally proportionate to you “purpose.”

The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere resides on December 21, 2016 at 5:45 A.M., EST. The Winter Solstice denotes a “return to light,” and may be understood, Spiritually and Metaphysically, as a “Return to Love.” Be it the Winter Solstice, Chanukah, Christmas or Kwanza, each observance celebrates the return of the Light. Overall, Humanity has been given such opportunities to return to Light and quite frankly, never again leave or “forget” its significance, or more intensely, the ever present, omnipotent constituent of Love. At the onset of the Winter Solstice, the Moon resides in loving and peaceful Libra, forming a creative and dynamic square energy aspect to the Capricorn Sun. The “first quarter moon” of the current Lunar cycle takes place just over nine hours before the exact time of the Winter Solstice with the Sun at 29 degrees of Sagittarius and the Moon at 29 degrees of Virgo. This “critical degree” position of the 29th degree offers the continual opportunity of a period to “dissolve” lower vibrational thinking and to embrace a higher frequency, Light and Love based Humanitarian, Human experience.

Perhaps at the onset of this Winter Solstice, let us each, for just a brief moment, forget the worldly, material connotations and “hustle and bustle” Human nature of this Holiday time of year, and embrace the etheric, perhaps angelic, Spiritual representations of this most Blessed and Sacred of all Seasons.

©2016 Raymond J. Sette

Taurus Full Moon

“Super Moon”

November 14, 2016

8:52 A.M., EST

Washington, D.C.

Our imminent Full Moon inhabits the Venus-ruled sign Taurus, the sign of banks, bankers and banking; dancing, dancers, and the dance; jewelry, jewels, and jewelers. Our first Earth sign of the Tropical Zodiac governs money, moneylenders and moneychangers, monetary possessions of all kinds, and of intrinsic value, singers and singing, wallets and wealth. Always appraise the exact position of the Full Moon and the aspects it creates to the points in your personal charts to further understand how these planetary energies will manifest on an individual personal level.

The Full Moon is at almost 22 degrees of Taurus and the Sun at almost 22 degrees of Scorpio. Our Full Moon is also a “Super Moon,” the “largest” since 1948! A Super Moon indicates a time of amplified Earth energy, increased seismic activity, a greater fluctuation of the tides, and an overall magnification of the energies of the potentials of the Full Moon.

One of the many and greatest potentials of our Human experience is to bring to form the intrinsic element of Abundance that has been encoded in each of us as a birthright. We observe there to be Abundance EVERYWHERE in Creation, “…there is abundance in stars, planets, people, trees, plants, animals, drops of water, grains of sand, atoms or any form of Divine manifestation.”† And, it is this Blessing of Abundance that we have the opportunity to recognize, embrace and incorporate into our experiences at this Lunation. This process is to UNFOLD over a longer period of time, and it has already begun.

A part of this awareness is the “fall from grace” of large banks and corporations that seek to disempower the people and exert control–only when allowed–over the populace. This is certainly NOT to suggest there is to be a decline in our economy or the advent of another “Great Recession.” A collapse of these large conglomerates is a part of the larger process of “disclosure of corruption” that I have been illustrating in my forecast since the March 2016 Eclipse Season, and farther back, since early 2014.

More profoundly, we must ALLOW abundance to come to form in all our experiences and in all facets of our Human journey. I suggest, at this Full Moon, permit Spirit to reveal to you where you may be blocking the receptivity and experience of Abundance so that you might choose to release the condition and WELCOME your birthright of the Blessings of Abundance in ALL THINGS and in all facets of your Life!

Saturn is rising–coming up over the Horizon–at the precise instant of the Full Moon and resides in the 12th house of the Full Moon chart cast for the United States. This placement of Saturn is an indication of a completion of a cycle of  “karmic debt,” and in the coming months, the United States shall experience the release of what we understand, Metaphysically, as “karma,” so that an entirely NEW cycle of growth and experience my begin. Since the early part of 2014, this clearing of karmic debt in the United States has intensified, and it’s no accident that we have observed a surge in horrific experiences coming to form in our nation since 2014. And, whenever we, either personally or collectively, come to a turning point, it may “appear” as though we are experiencing a demise and a decline. It is, after all, the “darkest before the dawn.” Much of this “clearing” is paving the way for a higher-vibrational, government structure that will culminate and complete in the years 2022-2024.

Whether we allow ourselves to receive the Awareness or not, the presence of Mr. Trump in the White House shall continue to facilitate the  disclosure of dark forces as well as the release of past negative karma and corruption that has been ALLOWED to remain in our Government, perhaps as far back as the time of Abraham Lincoln.

With the culmination of this Lunar cycle at this Full/Super Moon, this turning point and release of karma is accentuated. As I’ve suggested in the recent past, in the coming weeks and months, allow yourself to be profoundly and abundantly “in the World AND not of it.”

Uranus in Aries forms a powerful transformative “adjustment is necessary,” aspect to the Sun in Scorpio, suggesting we must allow ourselves to not be “shaken” by the experiences of the outer world, not allow the E.G.O. (Edge God Out), to distract the higher levels of Awareness that are being shown to all of Humanity. Most certainly, we must “stay in the Light and ALWAYS in a place of Love.” To further add to this equation, Uranus also forms the same aspect to Neptune in the United States astrological chart, forming, with the Sun, what is known as a “Yod” or “Finger of God,” energy aspect. This configuration offers Humanity the Knowing of the presence of a greater force–the opportunity for the presence of Love, specifically, Spiritual Love (Neptune)–as a part of our Human experience here in the United States.

The Universe shall NEVER inflict its Will upon us, personally or collectively, and when there is a “necessity” for an awareness to become known, occasionally, the Universe will “shake us, to awaken us.” So that we may remain grounded when the winds of change come along, we should connect with the energy of our Earth, and when we do so, regardless of how strong the winds of CHANGE blow, we shall gently bend, and not break, during the storm.

The tides are most certainly turning, and so, like a Willow, choose to bend and you shall never break. When we ALLOW ourselves to advance beyond our logical and very limited, third dimensional thinking that causes us to be trapped in duality and seperation, we will be shown, when we allow it, from Spirit, higher levels of Awareness which then leads to a true sense of Peaceful “Knowing.”

“And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should.” ~Max Ehrmann, Desiderata

©2016 Raymond J. Sette

† “How To Do All Things,” Mark-Age Publications, page 136.

Aries Full Moon

“Super Moon”

October 16, 2016

12:23 A.M., EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our forthcoming Full Moon resides in the sign Aries, the sign of one’s abilities, amethyst, courage and diamonds, the entrepreneur, the fireman, the hairdresser and the officer in the military. Aries governs pepper, rams and the scalp, surgery and surgeons, thistles and wolves.

Always look to the precise placement of the Full Moon and the aspects created to your astrological chart in order to gain greater understanding of how these energies could come to form for you at the personal level. Our Full Moon is also a “Super Moon,” the time when the Moon, at a Lunation, forms its closet approach to the Earth in its orbit. This phenomenon heightens all the energies of the Earth and amplifies the potentials of the Lunation–either a Full, as at this time, or a New Moon.

The Full Moon is at almost 23 degrees of Aries and the Sun at 23 degrees of Libra, and, to accompany the Full Moon, we have Uranus, “The Great Awakener,” at 22 degrees of Aries. From the grand spiraling chaos of particles and gas was created the symmetry and perfection of our Solar System. Similarly, within the bedlam and confusion of an experience of chaos exists the potential for awakenings and higher awareness. The coming Presidential Election here in the United States will take place under the energies of this Full Moon, and exclaiming “expect the unexpected” is an understatement!

In the Full Moon chart cast for the United States, we have the union of the Full Moon and Uranus at the highest point of the chart, in the 10th house, which represents all forms of government as well as government officials. The 10th house is also the sector of the chart where we look to discover our “purpose” in this lifetime as well as our highest goals and greatest achievements.

Over the course of the last 12 to 18 months, I was being shown by Spirit who would be the next President of the United States, and at this writing, the outcome is no longer clear. I feel and foresee that some of the most unexpected circumstances will unfold in the weeks leading to the coming Presidential election, and the final outcome might entail NEITHER of the current Presidential hopefuls becoming the next President. As I connect with the energy of who is to be the next leader of this country, I feel a very distinct “flat line” of energy, foreboding that the decision has yet to be determined and is currently being defined by the collective consciousness of “We the People.” The unfurling of circumstances beyond any scope of knowing and certainty is very much the energy of Uranus. With the Moon and Uranus in the sign of Aries, the bombastic demonstration of the Ego in all those connected to this election will demonstrate itself in ways never seen before.

I find it rather interesting that the Presidential election is conducted under the sign of Scorpio. The ONLY election conducted during another sign of the Tropical Zodiac was in 1789, on January 7. The Tropical sign Capricorn is more suitable for such an appointment, and the potential dark and sinister energy of Scorpio, which has been demonstrated during this current Presidential campaign, does not bode well for the outcome of a leader who has at the seat of his or her intention the “highest good of all concerned.” Scorpio connects with the E.G.O. (Edge God Out) and the desire of enormous power to “rule the world.”

The presence of Uranus generates the feelings of uncertainty and may stimulate fear conditions so that any fear that may present itself is given the opportunity to be RELEASED. By directing our attention to the fear, we REINFORCE it, whereas the opportunity therein is to RELEASE fear. These uncertain sensations are connected to the opportunity that each one of us is being given the potential, from Spirit, to ABANDON lower vibrational beliefs that no longer serve a purpose, and to EMBRACE higher frequency vibrations of knowing, such as Peace within the Self and Love, so that we might ALL enjoy these experiences!

A larger part of the release of outmoded forms of thinking is the abandonment of the perceptions of the material “three dimensional” world. Uranus brings to us the potential to “think outside the box,” and to observe our experiences, specifically this Human experience, from a place of higher knowing and higher consciousness. Uranus represents the progressive thinker such as was demonstrated by Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. It is when we abandon the third dimensional, logical thought condition that we allow ourselves to be open and receptive to higher conceptions that transcend the physical, third dimensional thinking process.

The opportunity of these higher frequency vibrational potentialities is what each individual is being offered to recognize within himself or herself at this Full Moon. And, on most occasions, unless we are thrown out of our “comfort zone,” we do not allow ourselves the possibility of that which we do not recognize to be a part of our experience.

The Full Moon, Uranus conjunction resides in the 4th house of the United States Astrological chart. The 4th house is our home and our foundations, specifically the emotional foundations that we encoded within us during the time of birth to age 7. If we ALLOW oursevles to recognize what makes us feel safe and secure is an illusion and no longer serves a higher purpose, all the illusions will crumble so that we might choose to “begin again,” with the establishment of a stronger foundation. All of these experiences are to prepare Humanity for the coming times, which will no longer involve “third dimensional” perceptions and experiences. The Earth has already ascended to a higher vibrational frequency, and now it is time for Humanity to “catch up.” The coming years are encoded with the potential of a “Golden Age,” and if the collective of Humanity so chooses, so shall it be.

Selemat Gajun, Selemat Ja; Syrian for “Be One and Be in Joy.

©2016 Raymond J. Sette

Pisces Full Moon

Lunar Eclipse

September 16, 2016

3:05P.M., EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our approaching Full Moon resides in the sign Pisces, the sign of artist of all kinds, astral entities, spiritual churches, falsity as well as “Truth.” The final sign of the Tropical Zodiac governs holy water, Mediumship, monks and all thing psychic, secrets of all kinds as well as the revelation of those secrets, all that is Spiritual including all suffering. Our Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, and as always, look to the exact position of the Full Moon and the aspects created to your astrological chart in order to achieve a greater understanding of how these energies will manifest for you at the personal level.

At the climax of this Lunar Cycle, the Full Moon is at 24 degrees of Pisces and the Sun at 24 degrees of Virgo. The most profound dynamic presented by the Virgo/Pisces axis is the Fear vs. Love, Doubt vs. Trust polarity. Our current Mercury retrograde phase, which began on August 22, 2016 and remains until October 7, 2016, is marked by the release of all our Human thoughts and thinking that generate the ILLUSION of Fear and that interFEAR in the manifestation of our Human Potential. Deep seated fear-based thinking has come to the surface so that we might choose to embrace the opportunity to RELEASE the fear. During such an experience we may offer the fear much unnecessary energy and inadvertently find ourselves reinforcing the fear instead of RELEASING it. At this Full Moon, ALLOW yourself to recognize what FEAR-BASED THOUGHTS may have come to your awareness so that you might choose to RELEASE those thoughts and redirect your thinking toward higher vibrations of thinking!

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse forms an opposition, Full Moon energy aspect to the Mercury retrograde in Virgo, punctuating the element of the release of fear based thinking!

An “Eclipse Season,” as we are now experiencing, may present a time of “crisis,” but what we deem to be a “crisis” is really only a low-level judgment of an experience we may have MISCREATED. When we allow ourselves to embrace all that WE BRING TO FORM in our Human experience, we might have the courage to acknowledge our misguided thoughts so that we might choose to REDFIRECT our thoughts towards Higher Knowing and then bring forth into our realm experiences of Abundance, Peace, Harmony and Joy, and of course, Love.

A Full Moon is an optimum time for releasing all that no longer serves a greater purpose, specifically at this time, lower vibrations, limited thoughts, which may create fear experiences. At the time of an Eclipse, all energy is concentrated and amplified and the manifestations of the Eclipse experience remain for longer periods than those associated with a “regular” Full Moon.

On September 10, 2016, the final, exact formation of the Saturn/Neptune square, which has been present since November 2015, came to form. As I have illustrated in many forecasts since the early part of this unprecedented year we, Humanity, are experiencing a time of “Revelation” and “Disclosure” of all things secret and corrupt from dark forces, known as “The Cabal,” which have had at its helm the intent to DISEMPOWER Humanity and keep each one of us in a FEAR BASED condition. And, as I have also mentioned, Humanity, specifically peoples here in the United States, has the opportunity for EMPOWERMENT, to take back our power and realize we are instrumental in created all our experiences and we are not VICITMS of this Earthly experience. And, as I have stated, the empowerment of the self DOES NOT suggest we are to control and manipulate another.

This time of disclosure and more accurately, REVELATION, directly connects with the “The Book of Revelation” in the Bible. As we know it to be so from a Spiritual and Metaphysical understanding, the teachings in the Book Of Revelations, more precisely the FALSE TEACHINGS by FALSE RELIGION are what is and will continue to come to form and Humanity shall have the opportunity to embrace TRUTH (Pisces) from SPIRIT or God, as was Created by Spirit and not what was created by Humanity, as in Religion. The DISSOLUTION of all false teachings, the deep seated corruption in all government, as well as the REVELATION of media and large corporation corruption and manipulation is being and will continue to be shown to Humanity.

To further embellish the element of disclosure and revelation for those of us here in the United States, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse forms an opposition, Full Moon energy aspect to the natal Neptune–ruler of Pisces–in the astrological chart for the nation. A Full Moon, and more profoundly, a Lunar Eclipse will always light up the night, shine light in the darkest caverns and REVEAL all that is hidden, corrupt and kept in secret. As we progress through the remainder of this year, this time of disclosure and revelations will culminate here in the United States, and will be punctuated at the time of the Presidential Election. This Lunar Eclipse and its connection to Neptune in the United States Astrological chart suggests that Truth–not the “truth” that is connected to the E.G.O. (Edge God Out)– untainted by our Human hindered eyes and offered from Spirit shall be REVEALED.

On September 9, 2016, Jupiter began its transit of Libra and will remain in the sign of Peace, Harmony and Love until October of 2017. Jupiter, known as the “Greater Benefic,” brings expansion and growth wherever it travels and if we are not grounded with the energy of the Earth, Jupiter’s presence will create excess and indulgences that are not necessarily conducive to a balanced and harmonious condition.

As Jupiter transits Libra, the elements of Harmony, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Balance and certainly, Love, are all being highlighted during Jupiter’s sojourn through creative and Loving Libra. Let us choose these higher vibrational choices for ourselves during this golden time and then we shall notice how we generate that energy to the outer world.

Selemat Gajun, Selemat Ja; Syrian for “Be One and Be in Joy.

©2016 Raymond J. Sette

Aquarius Full Moon

August 18, 2016

5:27 A.M., EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our forthcoming Full Moon resides in the sign Aquarius, the sign of altruists and altruism, astrology and astrologers, frankincense, freethinking, free will and friends. The last Air Sign of the Tropical Zodiac governs one’s hopes, humanitarianism, and idealism as well as inventions and the inventor, paradoxes and parliaments, rebels and rebellion, truth and wishes. As with all celestial action, look to the precise position of the Full Moon and its aspects to the points in your personal charts to appraise how these planetary potentials will unfold for you.

The Full Moon is positioned at almost 26 degrees of Aquarius and the Sun almost 26 degrees of Leo. Since the June 2016 Full Moon, our Full Moon Lunations have been situated in the late, “critical” degree of each lunation’s Astrological position, indicating that Humanity is at a time of monumental shift toward higher, spiritual experiences. Before we arrive at that elevated condition, we, Humanity, need to be aware of what must end and what must be eliminated–that which no longer serves a higher purpose–for the greatest good of all concerned. Next month we have our subsequent series of Eclipse: a Solar Eclipse on September 1 and a Lunar Eclipse on September 16. And in these summer months–winter for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere–Spirit gives us the opportunity to prepare for what is to come as we progress through the last few months of this extraordinary year.

One of the grandest opportunities being offered to Humanity in these times is for each individual to live in a place of peaceful knowing that we are All One, and all that EVERYONE is forever connected to the Source that created all things. Further, all that is needed for a harmonic human experience shall ALWAYS be given to us, of course, when we ALLOW the Universe to provide Abundance, which is our birthright.

At this time, it may not be completely apparent that the United States has been in a condition of “karmic clearing,” and we here in this country are being prepared for a significant new cycle of experience in which each individual will recognize his/her personal empowerment and “We The People” shall enjoy the experience of a “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” as the founding fathers intended. On October 10, 2016, Saturn will transit into the first house of the United States chart; this “completes” a cycle of experience that began around 1985 and indicates a “milestone” in the evolution of the country, hopefully, higher evolution.

The Full Moon in Aquarius, who is ruled by Uranus, the “Great Awakener,” suggests that we here in the United States are at a time of a “great awakening.” Incidentally, this Full Moon is closely conjoined to the Aquarius Moon in the astrological chart of the United States. The Moon in a country’s chart represents the “people of the said county,” so, we here in the U.S. are in for a great awakening.

“We the People,” are experiencing a period of disclosure, triggered by the presence of the ongoing Saturn/Neptune square energy aspect, as well as the passage of Saturn through the 12th house–the house of all that is hidden, secrets, scandals, corruption–of the chart of the United States. As we progress through this summer, and with the onset of next month’s eclipse, we shall be continually made aware of the corruption which exists, that has at its helm the desire to keep “We the People,” in a condition of fear, so that the dark forces may continue their control and power over us Since 1999 this sinister force has become much more present than in any other previous period. It is culminateing now and the “tides are turning,” only IF “We the People,” choose higher awareness, from a place of LOVE and not E.G.O. (Edge God Out) and to no longer ALLOW the presence of this demonic force here in our country and, on a greater scale, our world.

This “Great Awakening,” higher vibrational, Humanitarian knowing is what this Full Moon hopes for the People. Of course, the Universe, Spirit, God, will never interFEAR with our FREE WILL; “We the People,” must continually CHOOSE this elevated state of consciousness, which has its center in Love.

Uranus, the “Great Awakener,” in the Full Moon chart cast for the United States, is a the highest point in the Full Moon chart and forms harmonic alignments to the Moon (the People) and the Sun (the Leaders) in the said chart. This alignment suggests there is, by some, a graceful receptivity to higher knowing, as well as the willingness to incorporate this knowing into a condition of being. Perhaps there might be a sufficient number of individuals embarking upon higher choices to offset any negative energy manifestations.

In the Human body, Leo and the Sun rule the Heart and Aquarius rules circulation of the blood pumped by the Heart. Humanity (Aquarius) is being offered the opportunity in this month to recognize itself as Creative Divinity manifested from Love and to generate that Love to the whole of Humanity.

Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2016 Raymond J. Sette